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Born to Lead: Construction Management - Sept 18th & 19th, 2019

  • Hyatt Regency Sarasota 1000 Boulevard of the Arts Sarasota, FL, 34236 United States (map)
from 370.00

A 2-day course to learn and implement some of the Best Practices in Construction Project Management and Leadership principles. Real-world principles and techniques assembled from over 36 years’ experience in Architecture and Construction and historically proven applied principles. Improve productivity and learn how to successfully manage quality, budget, schedule and scope without constant firefighting. Learn how to effectively manage a successful construction project from conception to close- out. We will talk about real-world situations and how to overcome obstacles throughout the construction process while being more profitable. Become a more effective Construction Manager by learning these principles and techniques to help you complete your projects on budget and on-time!

Day 1: Outline

  • Leadership in Construction – Pro-active vs re-active project management

  • Project Management Maturity Model – Where does your company stand?

  • How to implement Process based Project Management

  • Vision and Mission Statements, why they are important.

  • Project Management Process Flow

  • Project Management Competencies required

  • Assessing your leadership style

  • Organizational Leadership – How to develop a successful construction team and culture

  • Addressing Productivity

  • Measurements of construction productivity

  • 2 main types of constraints’

  • 5 steps to address a Constraint

  • Top 6 most Constraints/Bottlenecks

  • Productivity Constraint Finder

  • Workflow Improvement Principles – The cost of time

  • Improving Project Management – Case Study

  • 10 best practices in Project Management

Day 2: Outline

  • Quality Control

  • Managing quality – QC/QA

  • Quality management process outline

  • Negotiation

  • Top 5 practices for construction negotiations

  • Best Negotiating Strategies in construction

  • Hands on negotiating exercises

  • Workforce

  • The importance of employee engagement

  • Developing an appreciation program that works

  • New hires – employee and sub-contractor

  • Estimating – creating exceptional estimates

  • A case study – Church renovation project

  • RFP/SOW – outline

  • Scheduling – scheduling that brings success, not stress

  • Top 8 strategies for successful schedules

  • Scheduling software discussion

  • Change Orders

  • CO Contract language

  • CO -Managing expectations

  • Workforce Communication

  • Keys to great meetings

  • Internal kick-off meeting

  • Dealing with people

  • Becoming a better supervisor of people

  • Developing Listening skills

  • Strengths based Leadership – How to be a “Top Gun”

  • Strength finder assessment

  • Fearless decision making

Who should take this course:

  • Construction Owners

  • Construction Managers

  • Construction Administrators

  • Project Managers

  • Asst. Project Managers

  • Estimators

  • Superintendents

  • Project Owners, Developers and Real-Estate managers

Upon completion of these courses, students will have a better understanding of effectively managing the many complex components of a construction project. Students will be able to apply principles and techniques learned to their projects to be able to effectively manage a construction project more successfully. Students will not only gain insight to the nuts and bolts of project management but the important aspect of good leadership and human relations skills that need to be applied in order to get to the next level of construction management. Students will discover how to develop better teams, effectively navigate conflicting demands and develop processes for better productivity, profitability and quality. At completion students will have a completed workbook and digital templates of sample change order forms, estimate sheets, agendas, meeting notes, new employee checklist, safety program outline and many more.