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Stroop Design & Construction, Inc. has been building religious, commercial, industrial and residential projects for 35 years while gaining credibility as one of the leading design/builders. Our philosophy and emphasis is on customer satisfaction, and we work exceptionally hard making sure that above anything else, our clients are satisfied. If you are planning a new project, give us a call and experience the Stroop Design & Construction, Inc. difference.



Traditional construction projects can be costly as owners typically issue an RFP (request for proposal) to hire an architect to design the project, and then issue a separate RFP for a contractor to build the project. The two-step procurement process requires considerable management oversight and time, and can lead to miscommunication about design elements, costs, and responsibilities.

SDCI’s proposed approach combined the traditionally separate design and construction phases into a single in-house design-build construction management contract. This parallel process is more collaborative, and creates “buildable” and affordable projects that better match budgets and expectations.



SDCI is a leading provider of private training for construction corporations and associations. We can deliver customized training designed to meet your organization’s training goals. Train groups of employees together at the location of your choice, with customized course content designed to meet your company’s objectives.

SDCI has developed an extensive selection of training courses that can be combined into a customized training program for your organization. SDCI corporate training will equip your next tier of managers, supervisors, estimators, and administrative staff with the essential skills to meet near term goals and future challenges.